Tulle skirt with blazer

Mix soft and cozy materials for your tulle skirt

Nothing has a greater effect than mixing patterns and textures which apparently do no work great together, but the overall result is astonishing. In this situation are a tulle skirt paired with a blazer. Keep reading to find out how to style them together to get a great effect!

Who could imagine that you can put together a great business outfit with tulle skirts?! Of course that you have to take into consideration the shape, length, and the color. A pink puffy tulle skirt will probably never be integrated in a neat office look.

But if you choose a navy blue or even black tulle skirt with the simplest cut and with no volume at the bottom you’ll have that feminine yet office appropriate appearance. Go for a high waisted style and wear a white tucked in top. Over it, add a classic cut blazer in some neutral color, preferably with a pattern which keeps the neat look of the entire outfit.

The black blazer is an all time classic and favourite in every woman’s closet which is why it goes great with a tulle skirt. The black color of the blazer will compensate even the most crazy shade of green or purple and if you add a white t-shirt your outfit will be balanced out even more. Regarding the footwear, you could pick from a pair of high heel sandals for a feminine look to a pair of sneakers for a casual, street-style inspired outfit.

A tulle skirt allows you to make a lot of stylish combinations, but one of them would be to go for a same colour outfit. In this situation you could go two ways: pick out a light color like blush pink or nudes or go for all black. You would not want to go for an all-green or orange outfit because that’s not the most stylish decision you could make.

When wearing a tulle skirt with blazer, you must know that your outfit will steal the show and you’ll turn a lot of heads. Remember to keep the rest of the outfit low profile because the tulle skirt with blazer is already a strong combination!

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