Pencil skirts for pear shaped

There are plenty of options for the women who like to be stylish and elegant. It is very important to make sure you look good wearing something, not only being trendy. The pencil skirts were always much appreciate. They represent a classical piece of clothing that will always be stylish. but, when choosing what to wear we must also take into account our body type.

For pear shaped women there are plenty of options and luckily, you can also choose a pencil skirt. But, the catch is to pair it with the right top and the best accessories.

Which are the best choices to be paired with a pencil skirt?

So, you should know that the fabric of the clothing items you wear is very important. no matter where you will wear the pencil skirt, a good quality fabric is essential. The pencil skirt will offer you an elegant air, so that you can even wear such a skirt at the office.

The best clothing item for such a skirt at the office is a shirt. for a pear shaped body, it is preferable to choose a skirt that has a dark color and a white shirt. of course that prints are also allowed, but at the office they should not be used as a fashion statement. Make sure you look professional.

On your spare time, you can of course choose boulder combinations. Floral print skirts are great. For a pear shaped body, you have to concentrate on making your bottom part look thinner and your top part looking larger. These are the aspects that must be taken into consideration when choosing the print.

A pencil skirt can be worn not only with a pair of high heels. You can also wear it with a pair of flats. Regarding the accessories, depending on the print of the skirt, you can choose more complex one or not.

The choice of the accessories should be made taking into account the event you attend to. A pencil skirt should be on anyone’s closet because it is versatile, comfortable and feminine.

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