Classy winter dresses

Layering is the secret!

The change of the seasons brings with it changes in your wardrobe too. But there are certain pieces which remain fashionable throughout the years and you can still wear them from one year to another.

One of the dresses which will never go out of style is the little black dress. Regardless the season, the style and the event you can not go wrong with a black dress. Especially in winter time, the dark colors are more wearable and easy to integrate in any kind of outfit. To not be so sober and serious, choose a style with some special detailing like ruffles or an asymmetrical cut. Layering is also a good idea if the dress is not that thick to keep you warm enough.

Another winter classic is the knitted dress. Not only that it keeps you warm and cozy, but you look very fashionable at the same time. The knitted dresses usually go above the knee so it’s a good idea to style it with a pair of over the knee boots. You should really take advantage of the season and wear a knitted dress because it’s the only time of the year when you could do it, besides late fall days.

The wool dress is also a basic piece which we had to include in our list of classy winter dresses. Due to its texture and appearance, a wool dress is the perfect choice for chilly winter days. You can also add tights for some extra comfort and warmness. They will look great with a pair of studded ankle boots and with a colorful and cheerful bag.

Another way to wear a classy dress is to put it under a coat of a thick jacket. Accessories play such an important role in every outfit, that’s why you have to pick the really wisely in order to match your outfit and personality.

When picking out some classy winter dresses, you have to keep in mind that there are certain pieces that are ageless and you could still wear them after years, that’s why we recommend  to invest in good quality pieces because they are worth it!

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