Should you contract an Outsource Overseas or hire an in-house developer?

This question is what most of the managers ask themselves when they are in the position of contract a software outsourcing company or create an IT department. Before taking a decision you have to know the benefits for each variable.

The benefits of outsourcing overseas

In this case the most important aspects are related on the cost, short term commitment and no office distractions. To get a better picture about this benefits let’s discuss each one in part:

Costs: If you contact an outsourcing company in Romania, for example, you will be able to get the same work done for a quarter of the cost, or less. You can use the cost saving on building a bigger, more feature-rich application.

Short term commitment: If you think on the long term contracting an EU outsourcing company is a better idea then hiring an in-house developer. You have the ability to bring in an expert on a project basis without committing long term. Your company may really need someone with one skillset now but need someone with a totally different skillset in a few months.

No office distractions: Having a new department and new people on your team may cause some distraction on both sides. The management have to supervise the department and be up to date with the progress of each project. The developers may be distracted with lunch, office chit chat, and commuting, there is little time left for developers to get actual work done at the office.

The benefits of hiring full time developers

Having your team with aligned interests and increase control is one of the benefits that hiring a full time developers.

Aligned interests: Developers who work for you full time are investing time and energy into your idea and have a vested interest in the outcome.

Applicability: Developers who are in-house know what’s going on and can change directions quite easily. They also know what challenges the business is facing in other areas, such as sales and marketing, and can offer potential solutions or fixes.

Having this benefits in mind are you thinking about outsourcing a project or hire a developer in-house?

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