Best Tips for Wearing Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is a fashion trend that really will make your look and figure to stand out. A simple outfit will look mesmerizing when you will add a piece of body jewelry. The fashion industry always created new tendencies so we can have place for creation and fun. The important thing when you are choosing your first item of body jewelry is the design.

When we think about body jewelry we talk about

  • body piercing: nose piercing, eyebrow piercing & belly piercing;
  • body chains: harnesses around the shoulders, chains that wrap around the torso;
  • foot jewelry: barefoot sandals, loop around the toe and form a pattern over the top of the foot and fasten around the ankle;
  • leg jewelry: can start at the knee or tight;
  • belly chains: around the waist and hips, look good around the skin, don’t wear them over clothing;
  • hand jewelry: fits over the top of the hand, leaving the fingers and palms free;


For an extra safety is better to choose materials like silver or gold. A body chain made from gold will make your outfit to look fresh, elegant and sexy. Choose a body chain that will accentuate your features like your sexy abs or toned arms.


The body jewelry needs to be avoided from nicks, scraped or burrs. Ideal items of body jewelry must be free from abnormal surfaces. In this way you would know that they have a good quality or not.



The jewelry size and shape needs to have a suitable length for your type of body and the spot of the piercing. Body jewelry that is not loose will not provide normal air around your skin and blood circulation. A body jewelry that doesn’t fits your skin raises the chances of infestation.


The best thing about these beautiful items of jewelry is that you can be really creative with them. If you go to the beach you can wear a sexy body chain over your body and it will totally change your look.

Body chains are pretty eye-catching items of jewelry so do not wear them with fancy clothing. Opt for wearing a simple color, or two colors without prints or patterns. That way the body chain will enhance your outfit in a beautiful way.

Always choose an elegant and minimal outfit when you are wearing statement pieces of jewelry!

“My style is not that big. I wear heels, tight pants and I wear diamonds.” (Donatella Versace)

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