White Christmas Dress

The little white dress is a stylish approach for the Christmas days. This dress is versatile and you can glam it up with a lot of accessories, just like the little black dress. Wearing white will create an edgy and minimal look.

  1. Skin Tone

The main tip we can give to you is that you need to be sure to choose the right white dress for your body. On holidays we need to look charming and stylish. In general, the darker your skin tone is, the darker shade of white will look better on you. Pale skin will look good with bright white shades.

  1. Colors

The beauty of wearing white is that you can combine it with vibrant and bright colors. You can wear red, blue or hot pink. Match your dress with bright pink shoes or an electric blue blazer.

  1. Metallics

If you want to really look like a winter princess that white dress will look amazing with some sparkle. Silver and gold accessories will pop up in an amazing way. Wear statement jewelry or glittery pumps.

  1. Denim

For a modern approach you should add some denim on it. Pair the white dress with a shirt or denim jacket if you want to have a casual look. Add some brown high heels and a brown belt and you will have a stylish look.

  1. Black Tie

For a more classy and sophisticated outfit you can match your white dress with some black. You can wear a black belt, black pumps and a black clutch. Wearing black and white is will make your skin color and hair color pop out in a beautiful way.

If you are a feminine and romantic person than choose the little white dress is the perfect outfit for your Christmas holidays. We’ve made a small gallery with some white Christmas dresses that you can wear, you can browse it below. If you are interested into a skirt for Christmas period, check out this article related to red Christmas skirt and how you can make combinations using red clothes, shoes and more.

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