How to Wear Plaids

Plaids have always been very popular and they never get out of fashion. Of course you should know how to mix and match them so that they would compliment your silhouette and don’t overcrowd your look.

You probably have seen them as part or school uniforms mixed with solid tops and varsity jackets, and yes, they look good but how about being more creative?

Try thinking about mixing plaids with other prints, a huge deal surely. It’s complicated and hard to learn how to mix many prints without look weird, but there are some basic guidelines that might help.

Dots look really nice with plaids but try to create a variation in the print size.

Flower prints would be another option to consider because even famous designers like Roberto Cavalli mixed plaids with flower prints on the same silk dress. When picking the flower printed item, be sure that at least one of the colors in your plaids match the other one.

A cool look that never goes out of style is a rock chic inspired plaid mix. Fashionable leather jackets and simple plaid dresses are a cool urban mix. Another way is to get some leather pants, a simple tshirt and a plaid shirt tied around your waist. A hot idea is trying a simple lace top with a plaid skirt, surely a show stopper.

If you don’t own a plaid item yet and you want to acquire one now, go for basic items that don’t go out of fashion. Neutral colors like black, white and gray are very popular even now. But you won’t go wrong if you would like a red, yellow or dark green mix.

The key is to adapt a classic piece to the seasonal trend so that it looks modern everytime.

For summer, the best plaided fabrics are silk and fine chiffons for loose dresses, tops or even flared skirt. When you think of winter clothing, warm coats and fuzzy jumpers are the key items you will want to buy.

Want to share some of your plaids outfits?

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