How to look great in Fitness and Gym clothing

Most of the times, working out is the best way to start looking great, but surely clothes would contribute to a perfect image so even for this type of activity picking up the best equipment is crucial.

London being a colorful city when talking about fashion and street style, your work out equipment could blend in easily. Bold prints, intense colors and textured accessories. During summer especially, funky sunglasses are your best weapon in fighting the daring sunlight.

Comfortable sneakers that stand out are very trendy right now even for more casual looks. Investing in a great pair of sneakers would be a great start because you can easily wear them in a ripped jeans and white t-shirt outfit. Go for some colored gym shoes with a foamy sole, you won’t regret your decision if you take them for a long walk during a city break.

Fitness and gym clothing is not that cheap, but it will last a long time because the high quality. Taking this into consideration, when picking your outfit, you should think of ways to mix and match the items to your existing wardrobe and of course, the trends. Neutrals and dark colors won’t get out of fashion fast, but you also should consider picking the right gym and fitness clothing to suit your body shape. It would actually affect your self-esteem if you would go for some white tights before you lose the extra 20 pounds from your target.

Here are two ideas for some cool outfit that you could hit the gym with:

Running around town in this outfit could get you noticed easily. It’s colorful, fun and comfortable.

Hitting the gym with some cool crop tops is a great idea for when you already have a slim waist. Pair them with some comfortable tights and lace up sneakers for a great ankle protection.

Would you like to suggest a specific outfit? Please feel free to use the form below and drop us a comment with some useful resources.

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