How to pick body chains according to your silhouette

Body chains are the best summer accessories, but you should take into consideration your body type.

Jewelry pieces emphasize the body feature that they are placed on, and so do body chains. Because of this, it is very important that you go and pick up the best design for you and you wear it appropriately.

Even if your tummy is flat, you might have bigger thighs that you might not love so much. In this case a body chain should be on your waist line, not lower on your hips. The attention will be drawn on to your waist making it look even better. The length of the body chain is very important here, so you should try it on before buying in order to be sure it fits.

Some designs might be adjustable so that wouldn’t be a problem if it’s a bit longer. Plus if you are a bit crafty, shortening it wouldn’t be such a big deal. This way ordering online shouldn’t be a problem.

When buying online you are able to pick the best price for the design you want plus it comes home so no need to go and waste time around town looking for the perfect body chain. So if you are thinking of acquiring one from any online shops, you should look at the details and read the description carefully. The picture might not reflect the real color so you might just get a golden chain while you wanted a silver one.

Fine jewelry is much more beautiful than custom, so paying a bigger price would be worth it, but this also is up to you. If you are getting a fine gold body chain you can even layer it on your neckline, as a simple necklace or even on your arm. There are so many possibilities, you just have to be creative and play with it. Another idea is to braid it in your hair or use it as a headpiece, but maybe this should be done by e hairstylist in order to be sure you can get it back out.

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