What to wear under one shoulder dress

The one shoulder dress is sophisticated, sensual and stylish. It has a subtle flash of sexiness because it’s showing just enough skin. But an important factor to have a flawless outfit is to know what to wear under one shoulder dress.

  1. Strapless Bra

You can choose to wear a strapless bra underneath the one shoulder dress. This type of bra usually comes as convertible with detachable straps. You can also wear a bandeau bra. We would recommend wearing a classic strapless bra because the bandeau bra is too tight across the top. The convertible bras are a great investment because the straps can be reattached in different ways depending on what you are wearing.

  1. Adhesive Bra

If you have a small to medium bust, a stick-on bra can be the best option for you. This type of bra has adhesive that sticks to the skin and doesn’t have a strap across the back. They are made of silicon, but be careful to choose a lightweight, thin style. The adhesive bra can give you a flattering cleavage, but keep in mind that it doesn’t provide a lot of support.

  1. U-plunge Backless Bra

If your one shoulder dress has also a deep neckline you can wear underneath the u-plunge strapless bra. This is a bra that you totally want in your wardrobe because is backless and strapless. It has a u-shaped plunging neckline, attachable straps and contour cups.

  1. Breast Lift Tape

If you just want full support and a beautiful shape of your chest choose the breast lift tape. Keep in mind that is a product you can use one single time. The tape is waterproof so you can wear it also in hot summer days with your one shoulder dress.

  1. Extra Tip: Strapless Bodysuit

If you are larger than a C-cup a strapless bra will not be good for you because it will slip. On the other hand, you can choose a strapless bodysuit. This is the best option for women that have a large chest.

Now you know what to wear under one shoulder dress so it’s easier to have a stylish and feminine outfit.

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