Cut out dresses for work

Be stylish even at the job

Everybody knows that at the job you need to wear office attire and have a professional look, especially if you work in an office. But that doesn’t mean you can be sexy!

Working in a corporation or a company, there are certain rules which you need to follow regarding the dress code in order to fit in. The black suit made of pants and jacket over a white shirt is long gone in most of the cases. An alternative to it are the dresses. An open back white dress can represent the power of the women and the authority which she has in a company. If the dress code is too strict though, wear a jacket on top of the dress to hide away the cutouts and to keep a clean look. The length of the dress has be decent in order to have a professional outfit and the stilettos are a must to this kind of outfit. You can easily go from a business look to a day out look by changing the shoes to a pair of comfortable high heel platforms.

Another dress appropriate for work, but with cut outs, is a baby doll dress with some lace insertions on the waist area and near the neckline. A detail like this can give a twist to a basic dress and change the whole outfit. It is still office appropriate but at the same time not boring. Even the classic black dress can be reinterpreted into a more fashionable item to wear at the job.

If the job you have is not that rigid and strict regarding the dress code, wear a light color piece with some playful prints on in now that the summer has came. The detail which can make the difference is a small cutout in the waist area. We know that you need to keep things professional and decent but a small detail like this can only take your outfit to the next level and make it stand out in a good way.

No matter what dress you like most, you need to have a cut out dress for work in your wardrobe. Pay attention to your dress code and try to integrate this small, but with a big effect detail into your daily outfits at the office.

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