Two countries, same theft, two endings

A recent article one the BBC’s website caught my attentions for a bit. It related to a know drug dealer being captured by the Brittish Police. But that was not the only thing, since most it’s assets were seized by the authorities following the investigation.

Are you asking yourself what were the valuables ? Well, artwork, men’s watches, furniture and a lot of luxury art was found on his deposits and hours.

The name of this man is Alan Yeomans, a 61 old guy from Yeaveley, in Derbyshire. He was convicted in 2016 for money laundering and drug offences, but only this week they managed to seized the his assets, that included a 1.2 million pounds six bedroom mansion, in which they’ve found items like a 25 000 pounds Rolex, some designer handbags, some Jimmy Choo shoes, antique furniture and piece du resistence, some paintings, including some 16th century oil paintings.

I do remember a similar guy in Romania that had a similar thing. The former mayor of Slatina, that had hunders of thousand of dollars worth in paintings and other art hidden in his home in Slatina. What happened with him ? After an investigation, some people pulled the plug on the investigation and he’s now an economic counciler for the Romanian prime-minister.

Two countries, same kind of person, two different endings.

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