Midi dress for prom – how to choose and wear

Ravishing looks for a princess

There are a few times in your life when you get to wear truly glamorous, jaw-dropping dress. Why not make the prom night perfect, by wearing a ravishing dress?

And there’s no other dress that will look more beautiful than a womens midi dress. Plus, this year the midi dresses made a comeback, and we are really happy about the emerging trend.

How to choose the midi dress for prom for an outstanding look

First of all, you should choose the perfect length. Usually, a dress that is slightly above mid calf will create the perfect illusion of a longer dress, and will make you look like a princess.

Also, you should go for a lighter fabric like mesh or lace. This is because a lightweight fabric won’t add much weight to your figure.

You should always wear the midi dress for prom with high-heeled sandals or pumps.

You should opt for a pair of minimalist sandals, in a neutral color, that will give you the height without the extra weight of a heavy and not so elegant shoe.

Also, if you think that nude shoes are a no-brainer, go for metallic and light-colored shoes that work really good with bare legs.

The accessories for the midi prom dress are also really important. The handbag should be small and formal, usually a clutch being the best option.

You can also opt for a shoulder bag that includes a wrist strap so you’ll be able to hold it securely while dancing.

You don’t need something bigger, as long as you’ll carry with you only your essentials: a lipstick, a powder, a wallet and your cell-phone.

Also, the jewelry should match the dress. If your dress is glitter-free, then you should simply choose some sparkling pieces of jewelry. But if the dress presents details like embellishments or glitter, always opt for simple jewelry.

A midi dress it is universally flattering and is the perfect silhouette for every body type. It will accentuate your waist and you will obtain a simple and elegant look with such a dress.

Just keep in mind that you should always pay attention to the load of glitters and colors you carry and always think about balance, for a flawless look!

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