Shopping trends of the generations

The generation clash is more accentuated than ever. If in the ’90 we only had some defined generations as cultural level, now it’s such a mess that 3 years of age difference can mean quite a lot in some communities. Things are moving fast, and different age groups react different to the same thing.

We were used to track population on segment groups to see what they like and need. That’s how the old statistics were made, that’s how most of the statistical data is organized, even if it’s the census or google analytics date. If you have such an account, take a look on the age distribution there. It’s going to be a classic: 13-18, 18-24, 25-34, 35-45, 45-65 and over 65. For the moment, for the +45 years old statistic can remain the same, but there are some big differences on starting from the 13+ age group.

Teens before 16 most of the time are not as rebel as the 16-19 group, the college / pre-college group. And they do have different request regarding what they need and want to have. If a 15 year old just want a cool pair of jeans, an 18 year old girl would probably want a pair of cropped jeans and some hippy tops and skate shoes.

Moving forward on the age chart, we see that in the 19-22 years old we have the university type, that somewhat cares what he is wearing, but tries to buy it cheap, since the university cost are so high in America.

A similar standard in maintain in the 23-28 year old segment, in which someone is freshly employed. Still cheap clothes, but with some extra things la better quality shirts, maybe a costume, if they start working in a place that requires that. Their fashion sense improves a little and start to buy better quality clothes.

The next segment should be the 28-38 year old, cause this period is one of the most important in the adult life. Most of the big decision are made here. Clothes aren’t as important as a house, a car and the kid. For which he require clothes, diapers and many more. It’s a period in which there are fewer clothes in the closet, but of a better quality.

The 38-45 is the so called “mid-life crisis” period, in which people are willing to do a lot of change in their life. Starting from how they look, a new haircut, maybe a new fitness regime, some new clothes and, if you have the cash, a posh car.

That’s how I see the shopping structure on this age. The age of internet allowed us to see how people change…. and how their shopping carts do.

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