Caravan season is near

If you leave in the green areas outside London, you probably now that every year, starting April until September, campers from all around the country get on the road with their cars and caravans. For some of the drivers, they are a nuisance, since they mostly drive slowly on the local bendy roads, getting a lot of hate from other drivers.

However, since the camping sites are mostly in hilly rural areas, they are most likely going to block some of the roads for a while. However, don’t really have a lot of things to do in that case. Most of the cars that tow caravans are surprisingly not that good for towing. The most popular cars for towing caravans are, surprisingly, old jeeps like Land Rover, Jimny or Opel Frontera, care that don’t really have a lot of power in their engine to tow a caravan.

For towing a caravan you do need a lot of traction, more than 200 nm force to go on the road properly. That’s why car with good torque are better in towing caravans. At least 50 miles at hour, cause in that was you won’t have an angry mob behind you.

But you might say: well, I have such a car, but I don’t have the means to tow it. Well, you can check out a towbar shop and install yourself a towbar on your car. All process take about 1-2 hours, depending on the car and costs around 250-300 pounds.

And you can you that tow not just for caravans. If you have something to carry from one location to the other and the car isn’t spacious enough, you can tow a small trailer to do the job.

Just choose a proper car if you want to go faster than 30-40 miles per hour on the hills.

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