Chauffeur services: are they expensive?

An article about parents who change school shuttles for private incity transfers for their kids drew our attention. A question arises: are chauffeur services or a necessity the safe option for moving from A to B in big cities? Do these services come expensive?

Chauffeur services for kids

Transfers incity do not come as expensive as one might believe if we take into consideration the parents trend to shift from school shuttles to private rent a car.

If one browses for chauffeur services for kids, approximate search, over 3 million web-pages suited our search. The results provided were spread worldwide, more prominent in UK and USA and event the content was various: journalists who wrote about this phenomena, parents asking for services and, of course, countless companies offering this type of transfers.

According to Wall Street Journal, there are two categories of parents who chose to prefer to contract car rental with driver. The first category refers to are working moms, who cannot fit their working program with child’s one. The second type category, are families who live km away from the city and have no school shuttles and chose chauffeur services to transfer children to school. In both cases, parents realised that is cheaper for them to pay every day transfers than miss work.

Companies focus on travel management expenses

Sabre drew up a study about corporate travel management worldwide and trends in the industry (2010). The research revealed that companies are expenses concerned and companies prefer a comprehensive cost control, tending to chose transport providers who offer four essential components: spend, process, cost and cash management.

In what “spend” concerns, companies need an aggregate view over the money spent, costs reports. Automating order and proceeding for travel orders are also the company’s’ representatives first option (“process”).

Regarding “costs” there are two components followed: one reduced pricing for overall service volume and also time efficiency accounts in their option.

Cash management comes as consequence of the upper three trends. Companies need to track the cash flow and and how specific travel services influence the overall corporate travel budget.

We started our article with was “are chauffeur services expensive?”. Transfers are money savers for busy parents. For corporate travellers, chauffeur companies and their integrated costs – booking aggregators come as the best solution for cash flow and time efficiency. Considering the two examples afore, the conclusion is simple: car hire with driver is a cost control orientated solution.

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