Amazing London travel experience

An imaginary travel of a small-villager to London

For tourists travelling for the first time to London, the buzz of the city can be impressive from the very first step on the airport. A new-comer, especially one from a small and remote village, sees London overwhelming or even weird. The wonder starts with the arrival and most likely the main feeling crossing his mind is amazement. This is an amusing imaginary trip, enjoy it, don’t take it for grant it!

Astonishing London and the puzzling airport

Heathrow airport is like a small agitated town with its own administration and governance. The place is humongous, travellers in transit find it difficult to move from one terminal of the airport to another without a map. Yes, one needs a map to transfer from A to B, otherwise he (or she) is lost!

The crowd and the variety of tourists is also amazing: corporate travellers dressed in business code and carrying elegant luggage, leisure tourist overloaded by baggages or extensive ones having only a light backpack, all of them move forth and back on the large halls… can be a living chaos if just one arrives from a quiet village in the middle of nowhere. What the hack, if this is the airport, what London should be about?

Stupefying London and driving on the other side

Driving on the other side of the road can be puzzling for the a tourist who arrives for the first in London. Even if tourist doesn’t rent a car to drive it, he or she ends with an occurred feeling at zebra crossing, followed by a stupefied look.

Marvelous London: City tour by double-decker bus

Well, for the sake of argument, lets say that our traveller gets used to the other side driving, crossed the streets safely and decides to take a city tour. The tourist chooses the upper storey to enjoy the sightseeing. Suddenly the London rain starts and he has to get down to the covered side of the bus. Damn, London weather!

London’s wonders: The Cab

When our story tourist has enough of double-decker rain and “mind the gap” in the Underground stations chooses chauffeur car services. And because it is London, he has to travel like a Londoner and takes the famous black cab! This is the best choice since arrival: the car is spacious, the driver is silent and polite and what’s most important, he knows the streets and how to read the postal numbers like locals do!

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