Why is QA and Testing so important?

Quality Assurance and testing are a very important aspect with any line of business because of constant changes in technology and thanks to globalizing competition. And as we all become more digital and wireless, more and more people are expecting quality-assured products in particular in the software industry.

In software quality assurance, the process and methods by which the program is developed matter as much as the final result. Consequently, a rich portfolio of QA and testing activities needs to be carried out throughout the whole development process in order to achieve a high-quality end result.

QA and testing helps launch flawless products

After putting so much time and effort into developing the software, when you launch a new app or service, you need to be sure it’s going to work as bug-free as possible. To ensure this, it’s absolutely necessary to perform final large-scale tests. If you jump this important step you may find that the hours you dedicate to develop this software were put to waste. Like all areas of software development, the Quality Assurance and testing has evolved over time. Depending on the needs of the customer, QA specialists can perform both automated and manual testing services with different degrees of complexity and processes involved.

Tested software has added value as it shows that the developed software meets the goals set by the customer and does what it should do. This is why the company that provide their customers with tested and quality assured software is always the preferred choice for individuals and organizations alike.

Performance testing is part of quality assurance and involves testing software in order to make sure that it will perform well and it will meet all expectations even under critical conditions.

Have you include QA and testing in your software life cycle?

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