T-strap gladiator sandals

The sandals which take your outfit to the next level

Gladiator sandals were at the origins exactly what their name says: sandals worn by the gladiators. But since the trends are coming back again and again, today there are gladiator sandals adapted and designed to be integrated in a lot of outfits.

The most common and easy to recognize type of gladiator sandal is the t-strapped one. This kind of shoe actually has a strap which starts in the front, right above the fingers and goes all the way up on the foot, depending on how high the shoe is. Across it, there are multiple straps, which turn a regular sandal into a gladiator one. They offer good support to the feet and give them a sexy look.

At first sight, they might seem very hard to put on, but most t-strap gladiator sandals have a zipper on the back which allows you to put them on easily and not having any headaches. A pair of sandals is very easy to style and can be integrated in a lot of outfits, with dresses, skirts and shorts. The gladiator sandals work great as long as you are wearing something short on the bottom and you leave your feet to show. There is one exception when you could wear a maxi skirt or a maxi dress, but still your feet are left free and uncovered.

The perfect way to wear gladiator sandals is with a dress. Now that the summer is here, a white, flare, short dress is the perfect match for this kind of footwear. If your skin is tanned, the contrast between this kind of sandals and your complexion will create an amazing effect. To accessorize, wear a pair of oversized sunglasses and a foldover clutch. You don’t need to go big on the accessories because the main piece of your outfit are the sandals.

Our advice is to take advantage of the hot days when you want the loosest clothes to touch your skin and pair them with a pair of t-strap gladiator sandals. They are a perfect choice for an outfit if you are going to the beach or for a simple day out with your friends.

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