Suits with jackets

Mix and match different styles and pieces

You should always dress to impress and what better way to do it than through some good quality and versatile pieces! Wearing suits with jackets is one if those combinations which will make all heads turn!

As a man, you can easily put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirts and you’re good to go, but things change if you want to spice up your outfit and give it a twist. You can go for a classic combination between suits and jackets and you’ll definitely score some point for your style! You can either wear the suit as it is with all the pieces which consists of pants, jacket and sometimes a vest, or you can mix different pieces from more than just one suit. Wearing suits with jackets will give you a neat and classy appearance and can even take you to a semi-formal or smart casual zone.

What’s great about a suit is that you can always drop one item and replace it with the same one but from a different suit. For example, if you have two similar suits but in different colors, you can wear the pants from one and the jacket from the other one, with the only condition that they’ll match. You have to take into consideration the colors, the patterns if there are any, the proportions, and the overall look you want to get to. It is good to have a picture in your mind before you try this sort of styling or you can even use the internet as a source of inspiration because it is very easy to make mistakes.

When you wear suits with jackets there’s something you definitely must pay attention to: the accessories. Like in any other outfit, they can bring it up or drag it down, depending on how you wear them. For a masculine and polished look, pay attention to the shirt, the tie if you want to wear one, the belt, the socks and the watch. They can all work together to put you in the spotlight!

You have to be very careful because there’s a thin line between being classy and all dressed up and being a fashion disaster. But like any other thing, you have to practice and try more approaches in order to get to the desired one.

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