Slip Dress for Wedding

Dresses for Wedding Season

If you are invited to a fancy wedding, a slip dress could be the perfect choice. This type of dress is elegant, delicate and feminine, which means it would be the best option if you are attending a summer wedding.

When we are invited to weddings, we usually panic because is very hard to find a proper outfit. We think about how much it costs and also how to look sophisticated and elegant in a simple way. Women usually think of buying super expensive dresses, which are very extravagant. But we would like to show you that you can have an amazing outfit which looks unique and elegant with a simple slip dress for wedding.

Today, you can find slip dresses available in many different materials and colors, but if you go to a wedding we suggest you choose a shiny fabric or a less casual one. When it comes to color, obviously we recommend avoiding white, nude, or ivory. Instead, you can wear pastel blue, forest green, peachy pink or yellow tones.

Opt for a knee-length slip dress for wedding, because this type of events usually requires more classic and elegant dresses, so it would be strange to go in a mini slip dress. This length is perfect during the day, but also during the night and it can look well with different accessories, shoes and other pieces of clothing.

For a day wedding, you can opt for a pale toned palette like baby blue, pink or mint. You can combine any of these colors with accessories in cream, gold, dirty white or light brown. Instead, for a night wedding, choose darker hues like dark green or navy. In this case, you can wear extravagant jewelry and gold stiletto heels.

The silk slip dress can be dressy, chic and stylish. The 90s trend evokes a certain effortlessness, while you still look feminine and sexy. This type of dress is perfect if you are invited to a wedding, because is easy to wear and will make you stand out in a pleasant way.

Now that the wedding season is here opt for the slip dress!

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