Plus size apparel – curvy fashion

Many women who were not endowed by mother nature with the silhouette of a supermodel, I think that to hide extra pounds, must wear only loose clothes and dark. This usually unhealthy and depressing, must come to an end!

Fortunately, last year, the fashion industry promotes more than plus-size apparel models, creating clothes that make perfect silhouettes worth full. But even in mass-market stores there is a wide variety of curvy fashion, very chic, overweight women continue to make unforgivable mistakes when it comes to how they dress.

No, not all overweight women have the same type of figure. A voluptuous body can take the shape of an hourglass, as well as can get a form type pear apple or rectangular. The secret is to know very well -I body, because then you can highlight it in the right clothes.


For example, if you enjoy a type hourglass silhouette (shoulder line balances equal to row, contoured waist) worn pieces of clothing that fits perfectly on your forms that accentuates your waist. Woman with a silhouette of para type, characterized by wide hips should quit tight clothing in the foot and kind woman with a constitution in March (small hips, broad shoulders, prominent breasts) to wear voluminous skirts to swing silhouette.

Wear clothes too wide

This is the main mistake that overweight women can do when it comes to clothing. If you have a few extra kilos, you will not hide some clothes 2 sizes bigger. You will not look as strong if a dress XXXL dress, not your silhouette shapes at all, or if you hide under your bust and belly oversized sweater, possibly black and neckline.


Solution: Wear loose clothing materials, flowing harmoniously and you put your forms in value physical assets. What physical strengths, you ask? You definitely an enviable bust, so investing in blouses and dresses in V-neck! Possibly catch them with a belt at the waist to create the illusion of a harmonious shapes, hourglass type.

Indeed, trends are launched to be followed. But not blindly, regardless of figure!

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