One shoulder dress for prom

Look like a princess on your prom night

Finding your perfect prom dress can be a real challenge, especially when there are so many styles, colors and silhouettes to choose from.

The perfect dress for you is the one that flatters your body. Try to create extra sparkle and femininity by choosing an one-shoulder dress! This kind of dress is seriously in style, is chic and will make you look like a real princess on your prom night.

But before choosing the one-shoulder dress for prom you should know that there are some things you need to know in order to look amazing.

  1. Pay attention to your underwear. The general rule is to wear this dress with a strapless bra underneath. Usually, a regular bra will look just awful. Just make sure you try on the bra with the dress so that the bra does not show in the back. This is an unforgivable fashion mistake that can destroy your look!
  2. Choose classy colors and models, so you can wear the dress several times. Especially when you’re not comfortable with wearing bright colors, you should go for solid colors like: black, red, green, blue. You can spice up the look anytime with the help of accessories!
  3. For a glamorous appearance you should know that one-shoulder dresses in chiffon are just great if you are looking to achieve a sweeter look. Use precious jewels to complete the entire outfit and you will shine like a star throughout the evening!
  4. When wearing an one shoulder dress you should always pay attention to your jewelry. You should always go for simple accessories. Don’t wear necklaces, they would interfere with the beautiful neckline of the dress. Instead, opt for some chandelier earrings, especially if your hair is styled in a bun. You can also go for rings or bracelets but don’t exaggerate – one elegant bracelet can be more than enough. If your dress is already embellished, just go with few small accessories so to not overdo it.
  5. The hairstyle it is also very important. Choose a chignon for a sophisticated look or a high, sexy ponytail. Avoid letting your hair down!

Make sure you have a fantastic prom night planned with your perfect one-shoulder dress. You will feel and look great!

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