How to do spring hairstyles

Super-cute spring hairstyles you’ll see everywhere this season

Short hair and plaits have never been cooler.  This season the only difference is in the way you wear them.

These are the huge hair trends this Spring:

  1. Slick and shiny

This season the sex-appeal came from those swimming-pool inspired hairstyles. To achieve the drenched effect of this perfect hairstyle you must use a mixture of oils,  creams and gels. This hairstyle works great with very sexy clothes! It’s time to wear some of the most bad ass styles of the decade!

  1. The side flip

It’s one of the most effortless and flattering hairstyles that’s gaining some popularity showing up on celebrities and top bloggers. Even though this hairstyle works better with wavy hair, because waves give the perfect amount of volume, this can look really good for straight hair, too. This is the coolest, easiest hairstyle known to humankind.

  1. High ponytail

High ponytail is one of the most versatile styles available for long hair and a great alternative to a regular pony. A really high ponytail it’s modern and you can keep it either straight or add some curls. You can wear this hairstyle during the day or you can wear it at night with a little volume or texture or even both.

  1. Flat waves

Flat iron waves are the new curling iron waves. Waves created with a straightener are more subtle and have a little glam; they are perfect to wear during the day and night. All you need for this cute, stylish hairstyle is a couple of minutes, a wavy spray and a hair straightener. For a polished look keep your ends straight! Lovely!

  1. Eye-length fringe

A fringe will help you introduce something new into your hairstyle. This will look great with long, medium or short hair. Also, fringe works on any texture –even curls.  You just have to choose the type that flatters you the most.

Doesn’t matter if you have curls, waves or straight hair – get ready to rock these hairstyles and to steal the spotlight this season. Of course, don’t forget to put one of your spring outfits to make it all spring themed.

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