How to Buy the Best Running Shoes

If you are a professional runner or just a casual one you know that wearing the right running shoes is one of the most important factors to keep your feet healthy. Spending time and money to find the best running sneakers is a clever choice because a good pair of shoes will keep you injury-free and your running will be comfortably, without obstacles.

Tip#1 – Go straight to a professional brand store where experts can help you to buy the perfect sneakers for your feet. You need to plan on spending time there because you need to ask questions and is important to try out different sneakers.

Tip#2 – Determining your foot type is the key to find the right running sneakers. Here can help you the sales assistant that can measure your foot. Look at the shape and arch to figure out what type of foot you have. Choose a pair of sneakers that is ½ bigger that your regular size, because when you run you need room in the toe box. If the shoes are too tight you can develop black toenails and blisters.

Tip#3 – Have a conversation with the sales assistant by telling him how often do you run, where do you run and what type of running you do. There are different running shoes for the training race, for the streets and for the gym.

Tip#4 – Don’t be shy and when you are trying the shoes always run in them a little bit. Run in each pair of sneakers you try so you can test them for function, fit and comfort. After that, test your running shoes for a week. If you don’t feel comfortable and develop foot pain or blisters, you can return them back to the store.

Tip#5 – Keep in mind that every pair of running sneakers get damaged after a while so you need to replace them every 400 miles. In this way you will keep your feet and back healthy.

Tip#6 – Don’t choose running sneakers based on styles and colors. Just because they look cute and girly that doesn’t mean they are proper fit for a professional runner.

Running is a great outdoor activity that will keep your mind and body healthy and in balance. Finding the best running sneakers will make this sport your favorite one, because feeling comfortable is the number one priority when you go jogging.

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