Going camping outside of London

There are a lot of Londoners that love to go outside of London on camping trips and weekends. There are some nice locations near the southern part of the country, with nice beaches and somewhat sunny conditions. There are people that go all around Europe camping outside.

In other areas conditions differ significantly from England, so you need to be prepared for anything that the weather can get for you. So this is a simple quite on what to wear camping, no matter where you are.

Camping outside is a nice activity, but all depends on the type of vehicle that carry you to that destination.

If you are going outside of London, you are probably going out with a train, maybe with a bike near you (by the way, if you are interested into know what to wear mountain biking, there’s an article for you). I’ve saw people that went around Europe a bike an a backpack with three sets of clothes: clothes for mountain biking, an exchange, some town clothes and some good clothes, just of an occasion.

Of course, if you are going around with your bike, you better have a strong chain to keep you bike from being stolen and maybe an easy to mount tent, so you don’t bother that much opening and closing it up. I have a larger tent and it was a nightmare doing that. Choose a simple type of tent and an inflatable mattress that you can get in your backpack.

There are also people that go around camping with a camper van or a van behind a car. Those people have a small house behind them, so they can carry a lot of things with them. In those conditions, it’s nice to take a long trip in Europe, since the sleeping experience will be improved. But your cost will go up a bit.

So, what do you get when you go camping ? Let us know in the comments.

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