Four reasons for Timisoara break

If you are hunting for a new destination for a city-break, Timisoara may be your target-city. As the number of companies to land on city’s airport increased Timisoara is easy to reach and offers a variety of day trips and tours to fit a weekend program.  And if one wonders why Timisoara and what to do while there, then find out that the architecture, intercultural diversity and incredible landscape makes the Transylvanian city a wish-list city-break destination.

Amazing historical architecture

If Bucharest was named Paris of East, Timisoara’s nickname was Vienna of East and it deserved the name fully. The Austrian architecture influenced the most important landmarks of the city, urban architecture and the building decorations.

Perhaps the most representative place to visit in Timisoara is Union Square. And as we wrote about diversity, this attraction area is also a proof of local architectural diversity. In a singular area, there are gathered multiple cultures and beliefs:  Baroque Palace,  Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, Roman-Catholic Dome or the Holy Land Church are right there, on the spot.

Timisoara – City of democracy

People tend to forget that the change, the Revolution in 1989 started in Timisoara.  The people of this city had the courage to fight against communism when preacher Laszlo Tokes was prosecuted.  It was a tumultuous change and local population paid a price with the blood they shed.

It was Timisoara who started the Revolution and demanded democracy on December 16th 1989. The manifestations  spread fast afterwards, culminating with changing communist into a new, democratic,  regime.

Beautiful Landscape in Banat county

Timisoara is the main city of Banat county, a historical region of Romania, situated just miles away from Serbian border. As we speak about beautiful nature, most travellers and photographers of the world have seen the Bigar waterfall picture,  that was declared as the most beautiful watershed in the world. This place is situated around 150 miles transfer from Timisoara, in Banat county.

In Banat count one might visit Semenic national park, a virgin mountainous area.

Gastronomy and wine in Banat

A powerful diversity enriches both culture and gastronomy of a region. It happens also in Timisoara.  Specific meals from Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian or German culinary local heritage is combine to yield into new, tasty dishes. As even doctors recommend a glass of wine after dinner,  one might do even more: visit Recas vineyards, at a short distance from Timisoara,  and appetize the entire city break with a whole range of savory wines.

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