Embroidered fleece sweaters

Small details make a difference!

Fleece is one of the most comfortable and cozy materials out there and wearing a sweater made out of this material will be a true delight!

The way that embroidered fleece sweaters hug your body can not compare to anything else and you most probably won’t believe it until you try one on. But even when you will, we guarantee you won’t want to take it off. Fleece sweaters are pretty common especially during winter time and you’ll see them pretty often if you are a winter sports fan. Perfect for skiing or ice skating, anything that involves outdoor activity requires a really thick outfit and a fleece sweater is perfect under a jacket. Since everybody has one, you must do something to stand out and be different. To your rescue come embroidered fleece sweaters which are a great and stylish alternative to the classic sweaters.

But what does make embroidered fleece sweaters so special? It is actually the embroidery, which comes in a lot of different shapes and colors. During winter time, we would recommend you to choose Christmas themed sweaters, with specific embroideries that represents snow, Santa Claus, reindeer, or a Christmas tree. In this way you’ll enter the magic of the holidays wearing the right outfit. On the other hand, you can go pretty wild with the embroideries and choose a floral one.

A really trending style right now are embroidered fleece sweaters with monograms. Monograms are one or more initials engraved into an object, but in our case, they are embroidered on a fleece sweater. You can customize your own sweaters with your monograms or you can wear the monogram of someone dear to you. Embroidering a sweater with someone else’s monogram will be a great present and you’ll know that a personalized gift will be much more appreciated than a classic one. That person will know that you’ve put some effort into finding the perfect gift and every time they’ll wear it you’ll be remembered.

Regardless the embroidery and the style you’re choosing, embroidered fleece sweaters are definitely one of a kind pieces, worth investing in for the cold season.

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