Clothes in Winter Season

The best way to keep warm during the winter season is to wear layers. A 3 layers system for the winter clothing is important when you are literally freezing outside.. The clothes must protect your body from the outside. Try to choose the right clothing for winter season because the most essential tip is to keep warm so you can enjoy your holidays.

  1. Base Layer

The base layer is the first layer that is next to your skin. You must wear quality materials in order to keep warm. The base layer need to be moisture wicking, for example if you go skiing and you sweat. Ideal base layers are fabrics like wool, silk or synthetic fibers. Never use cotton as base layer, because you will remain wet and cold. You can wear light weighted materials or heavy weighted materials, depending on the outside conditions.

  1. Middle Layer

This layer goes over your moisture wicking base layer. The main purpose of this layer is to provide your body with insulation. The trick it to trap the warmth that comes from your body. Tucking your layer will help a lot. The middle layer should be thicker than the base layer. Again do not wear cotton, you can choose wool or polyester.

  1. Outer Layer

The outer layer should be your thickest material and also your warmest layers. You can pick from a jacket, a ski jacket or a coat. The final layer protect you from rain, snow and wind. Is essential that the winter jacket is waterproof and windproof.

Extra Tips:

Even if jeans are a fashion item, in the winter they will not keep you warm. The jeans will do the opposite and you will feel very cold. If you want to wear jeans during the cold days, try to wear underneath a thermal base layer.

In the winter seasons the most important factor is to keep yourself warm. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman, a men or a child, you will feel comfortable only if you will be warm. Choose your clothes wisely and also pay attention when you go skiing. We hoped our clothing advice helped you to stay warm in any situation!

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