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Romania is one of the most important players when it comes to software development outsourcing. Alongside Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine, it forms one of the most active areas in the world, with much of the software for Europe being developed here. Romania has an impressive number of companies dealing with software development, most of which are based in major university centers like: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi, Sibiu and Brasov.

So, if Romania is responsible for the development of so much software, you would imagine it enjoys the options of selecting from a wide range of variants when it comes to business management solutions. The truth is there are some software options that deserves users’ attention, but not as many as you think. We’ve looked into the matter and found out that three candidates seem to have won the trust of the local market, with a suite of programs that cover most of the small and medium enterprises’ needs.

Now, talking about the top: Saga, WinMentor and Charisma

1. Saga – offers a range of software solutions packed as modules: accountancy software, pawn shop software, rented properties management software. This is not a “full-on” ERP, but it has the potential to run medium size businesses as well. The solution is offered for free, but you can acquire a support license.

2. WinMentor – This management and accounting program package is designed to meet current market demands by providing prompt and easy access to all available resources. The developers also offer a version called WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE, which seems to be an ERP solution for medium and large businesses. This seems to be an affordable and configurable solution and even if it’s less popular than Saga, seems to provide better support for the clients, with a wide range of Resellers covering support and maintenance nation-wide.

3. Charisma – with huge names like Auchan, Renault-Nissan, British American Tobacco, Allianz Țiriac Asigurări and Mercedes-Benz România in their portfolio, Charisma seems to be the most popular solution for enterprises. It provides ERP, CRM, and business intelligence components dedicated to managing a corporation or an SME. Charisma Business Suite is structured on three levels: LEVEL 1. Core, LEVEL 2. INDUSTRY SPECIFIC and LEVEL 3. EXTENDED.

What do the numbers say?

Well, looking at the graph below, Saga seems to be getting most of the traffic, even if it has the least number of features. On the other hand, it’s free and that might win more users. WinMentor seems to be winning the battle with Charisma, but I assume that is due to their focus on SME and their lower, more affordable costs of maintenance and integration.

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