8 Tips for your First Wedding

Keep calm and Prepare For Your Most Important Day in a Woman’s Life!

Your special wedding day is a few months away and you are wondering how you can pick the perfect wedding dress for the most important occasion in your life. You’ve got the ring, set the date and choose a venue. You know how many people will come, the menu food, the drinks and now it’s time for the fabulous weeding dress!

This event is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, so rather than make it a stressful one is better to make plans in advance and be more relaxed. There is a lot of pressure from everybody; they all want to say their opinion about the weeding, from relatives to friends. The better way is to take a deep breath and listen to your intuition.

We preset you 8 tips that we hope they will help you in choosing the right dress, shoes and accessories.

  1. Perfect Dress

You need to choose a dress that reflects your personality and character. Simply a dress that will make you feel like a bride. Your opinion is the most important one; there are no rules, no limits. What will make you feel comfortable, special and sexy will look the best on you!

  1. Budget

An important factor is to know your budget. Nowadays you can find beautiful dresses at very good prices so don’t rush and choose carefully. It’s better to save so extra money for some beautiful shoes and accessories.

  1. Wedding Style

Every wedding have a theme ad style. You can have a wedding on the beach, in a formal, elegant ballroom or an intimate outdoor ceremony. Your theme will also guide you to choose the finest dress.

  1. Open-minded

It’s essential to know your style but even more essential to have an open mind because you can’t control everything and a little bit of surprise is good and fun. Try some more romantic dress with lace flowers or with Swarovski crystals just to see how they look differently on you and how they make you feel.

  1. Perfect Shoes

The wedding shoes are just as relevant as the dress! Choose delicate and elegant sandals that will enhance your calves and legs. Being a bride is all about elegance and charm!

  1. Different Nuances

The color of a wedding dress doesn’t need to be always pure white! The best way is to choose the nuance of the dress according to your hair color and skin tone. A natural blonde should never wear white because it will wash her out. A blond should wear shades of cream and beige and a brunette will look stunning in impeccable white.

  1. Realistic Weight

Be realistic about your weight. All brides are thinking they will go on a strict diet and will be super skinny by the wedding day. It’s better to keep yourself healthy and choose a dress to fit you perfectly in the present moment.

  1. Accessories & Others

After choosing the dress and the shoes you can now look for the accessories. It’s time to purchase your jewelry, your veil, to think about your hair style and your make-up. Don’t forget about the nails and having a cosmetic treatment in the week before the weekend day.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and we hope you will have a fulfilling and excellent wedding day!


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